Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pioneer Day 2013

Pioneer Day 2013 found us headed out first to a Stake Primary activity for a pancake breakfast and a pioneer walk through the forest.  It was beautiful.  Especially the butterflies!
Then we headed to the church for more fun activities!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


At the end of the school year, all of the first grade had a huge reading celebration.  They had accomplished a lot that year and wanted to show the kids how much they appreciated their hard work.  Each member of each class received an award.  This is Mandy’s teacher, Ms. Rucker:


Mandy up on stage with her class:


Proudly showing off her award:


Friendly Mandy

We live in a pretty close community.  I mean literally, the houses are really close.  Lucky for us in some of the houses closest to us live quite a few kids.  And Mandy had made it a point to be friends with all of them!  She is a little social butterfly and we have kids knocking on our door everyday asking if she can come out to play.  The really nice thing is that most of the time they congregate at our house.  The arts and crafts table, chalkboard easel, swing set, and access to the woods (along with a well stocked freezer full of popsicles) are a big draw for all the kids. These are only a few of the ones she plays with.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Preschool Graduation


Layton had such a fantastic year in preschool.  He learned so very much and had lots of fun with his friends.  He was so blessed to have such a dedicated wonderful teacher, Mrs. Sandy Staab.

She prepared such a cute graduation program for the kids.  They had a blast doing a few little songs for us.


Layton was so proud to get his graduation certificate.


Ms. Staab also gave each of the kids an award recognizing something special about them.  Layton got the “smarty” award.  Ms. Staab said that each morning when he came to school, rather than rushing to the toys like all the other kids, he went immediately to the academic board to find out the letter, number, color, shape, and words of the day.  He loved learning so much, he would get upset when he didn’t get homework :)  Let’s just hope this love of learning continues for the rest of his life!  So proud of my baby!


Fun Preschool Moments

Picnic and stuffed animal day:


Math homework by Layton’s request:


Water day:


Friday, July 12, 2013

I’m Cute and I know it

Layton crawled up in my lap to snuggle with me.

I asked, “Do you know that you are very cute?”

Layton, “Yes.”

Me, “How do you know?”

Layton, “I looked in the mirror.  I saw me. And I was cute.”

You can’t argue with that!