Why Forever?

So why do we refer to our family as a ‘Forever Family’? 

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We believe that life continues on after our sojourn in mortality.  Through the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we believe that after death our spirits will at some point rejoin our resurrected bodies.  In this state of immortality, we believe that we can continue on as a family unit.  In other words, we belong to each other for eternity.  This belief is what keeps me going somedays.  The knowledge that what I do each day can have eternal consequence makes loving and teaching my children ever so much more important and rewarding.  It also brings my husband and I so much closer to each other. Knowing that not only do we need to learn to work together, love together, help one another, and lift each other up during this lifetime, but for an eternity makes the effort that we put into our relationship that much sweeter.

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