Monday, December 27, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

This year’s ward Christmas was very nice as usual.  We enjoyed a mexican theme feast of food and also a reenactment of what happened in the Americas when Christ’s birth was foretold and occurred.


Those are some awfully handsome Nephites, don’t you think?  Layton wasn’t actually supposed to be up on the stage, but I don’t think anyone minded :)

The program ended with a switch from what was happening here in the Americas to what happened in Bethlehem on that sacred night.


Might just be the most beautiful Angel and the most handsome shepherd in the history of all nativities :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa has been hard at work…

and I think we are going to have some VERY happy children in the morning!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s Broken

2:45 a.m.

Running little feet.

A head peaking over the side of my bed.

An exclamation – “Mommy, my blanket is broken!”


A silly boy.


Tucked back under his favorite blanket.


Merry Sleeping to all and to all a goodnight!

(P.S.  all photos in this blog post are entirely staged and recreated – not even I get out my camera at 2:45 in the morning!!!!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mandy’s Christmas Party

Last Friday, Mandy’s preschool class had their little Christmas party.


Each of the kids had made a special gift for their parents.  Mandy opened mine for me :)  It was an adorable calendar where on each month the kids had made a little piece of artwork, all using their hand prints.  There was a penguin for January, a heart for February, a Leprechaun for March, a bunny for April, and so on.  It was so cute!


And then each of the kids received a special book that Santa (their parents) had gotten for them and hid under the tree.  No surprise – Mandy got a Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas.


We sure love her preschool teacher.  Mrs. Staab is fantastic!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Ah – the perfect Christmas Card photo – it can be ever so elusive when dealing with a 2 year old!  Just to show how crazy it was trying to get a family picture this year take a look at this video.  And enjoy the Christmas music along the way.  It is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Last weekend my two oldest kids and 4 of their cousins all went over to Nana’s house for a sleepover.  For some reason ever since, I have reminiscing about doing just that same thing with my cousins at my Grandma Woodberry’s house.  She lived in a tiny little house in “downtown” Bristol.  But even though her house was tiny, her heart was enormous and she had plenty of love for all of us.  Usually the sleep over would include me, Cliff, and the three youngest children of my Aunt Mary because they were the closest in age to us. 

Grandma1(Grandma, me, Lisa, and Chloe at White Springs)

We always had so much fun together.  We came up with some crazy imaginative games!   We spent the days playing crazily in the yard and the evenings playing crazily inside.  It is funny what you  remember about those times.  Like playing Chinese Checkers with Grandma.  She never “let” us win – we had to earn it and she was GOOD at that game.  Or watching her crochet.  I have a doll, baby blanket, and baby shoes that she crocheted that I treasure.   And eating pizza bread.  She would take slices of plain white bread, put a little pizza sauce from a jar on it and then using a potato peeler, cut very thin slices from a huge block of cheese to go on top, then toast it in the oven.  It was so yummy!  We would be starving from playing so hard and we would scarf down slice after slice.  It was such a treat. 

And she always had hard candy around.   And sometimes when she had some spare change, she would let us walk to the Hogly Wogly (yes it was really named that) and we would get the little 5 cent and 10 cent candies.  It was such an adventure because we got to walk there on our own.   Each morning when we woke up, we would go outside to play some more and I remember the huge wall of morning glories that grew to the side of her house.  They were beautiful on those warm summer mornings.

Aunt Virginia(Me and Aunt Virginia)

When Aunt Virginia would be there, she would make us her special Tuna Fish cakes.  I’ve tried and tried to recreate those, but I can never seem to get them to be as good as I remember.  I think she must have put an extra cup of love in them to make them taste so good.

I sure miss them.  I am so glad that my children live close enough to their cousins and their Nana that they get to enjoy some of the same happiness that I did as a child.  There is just something about Grandma’s house that makes it extra special!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa’s Workshop

For the last few years, our ward Primary presidency has put on a “Santa’s Workshop” for the kids.  People in the ward donate items and then the kids get to “shop” for presents for their parents, siblings, and grandparents.  The kids LOVE it.  And I have to say as a parent I love it too because they can get presents for each other and it doesn’t cost me anything!  This is the first year that Layton got to participate.  He picked out a present for Mandy and then a present for Dallin, and then of course he picked out a present for Layton.  And he had to have it wrapped to.


And do you think that he was going to wait until Christmas to open his present from himself to himself?  NO way!


So now he has added a little puppy to his collection of favorite stuffed animals.


The kids left the workshop with quite a haul of presents.  I am most interested to see what they picked out for each other and for us!  I have a feeling it is going to be quite interesting!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Be Warm


Dear Mama Doris and Granddaddy,

Last night Dallin prayed that you would be nice and warm where ever you are in Heaven.  He prays every night that you be safe there and happy there, but I guess last night he was worried that you might get cold since it is so cold here. 


Layton asks to sing the “Happy Family” song with your names almost daily.  So together we sing, “I love Granddaddy, he loves me, We love Mama Doris yes sirree, they love us and so you see, we are a happy family.”


Mandy says that she misses and loves you almost every day.  I’m sure you remember how wonderful her hugs are, she sends many many many your way.

We miss you very much. 



Monday, December 13, 2010

The First Day of Christmas

We put up our tree on the very first day of December, or as Dallin likes to call it, the First Day of Christmas.


Can I just say how much I love it that the kids are all old enough to really participate in this and that I love watching them?  Their enthusiasm for all things Christmas brings the Spirit of Christmas to me better than anything in world. 


Rather than me having to remind them, they remind ME daily that we are celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  They ask ME daily to sing Christmas songs – their favorite being “Christmas bells are ringing, hear what they say to you, Jesus is born, in Bethlehem – in Bethlehem.” 


Christmas through a child’s eyes just so much sweeter.  Even sweeter than this homemade hot cocoa that we enjoyed after our decorating fun.


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Turkey Bowl

For the past few years my oldest two boys have participated in the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning.  This game is all Dallin talks about for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  It is a super exciting day for him!IMG_1108IMG_1110IMG_1111

I was so glad that another young boy, our friend Luke, showed up too.  It made for a great match-up!


Nathan had a great time playing too.  I just love it that they can do these kind of father-son things together.  I’m pretty sure they love it too :)


I can’t wait until all three of my boys are playing out there!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Her ACTUAL birthday

On her actual birthday, I took some cupcakes into Mandy’s class.


They were yellow cake with chocolate icing per Mandy’s very specific instructions :)


She told me they were the best cupcakes ever!  I’m pretty sure she had a very very happy birthday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learn to be Fancy with lessons from


Birthday Invite

Mandy’s birthday party was a big hit!  All the kids got dressed up fancy -


We made fancy butterfly necklaces -


Ate yummy food with fancy toothpicks on fancy plates -


Decorated our own very fancy cupcakes -


And then opened all the very fancy presents!


Thank-you everyone that came and helped make Mandy’s birthday extra fancy!IMG_1200