Friday, December 10, 2010

The Turkey Bowl

For the past few years my oldest two boys have participated in the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning.  This game is all Dallin talks about for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  It is a super exciting day for him!IMG_1108IMG_1110IMG_1111

I was so glad that another young boy, our friend Luke, showed up too.  It made for a great match-up!


Nathan had a great time playing too.  I just love it that they can do these kind of father-son things together.  I’m pretty sure they love it too :)


I can’t wait until all three of my boys are playing out there!


Nana said...

They are cute aren't they?

Laurel Shaw said...

We totally flaked and forgot all about it this year! Cool pics. Looks like a really good time!!

Rachel said...

Dallin looks like he had a blast.