Monday, December 13, 2010

The First Day of Christmas

We put up our tree on the very first day of December, or as Dallin likes to call it, the First Day of Christmas.


Can I just say how much I love it that the kids are all old enough to really participate in this and that I love watching them?  Their enthusiasm for all things Christmas brings the Spirit of Christmas to me better than anything in world. 


Rather than me having to remind them, they remind ME daily that we are celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  They ask ME daily to sing Christmas songs – their favorite being “Christmas bells are ringing, hear what they say to you, Jesus is born, in Bethlehem – in Bethlehem.” 


Christmas through a child’s eyes just so much sweeter.  Even sweeter than this homemade hot cocoa that we enjoyed after our decorating fun.



Kelly said...

looks like Christmas! SO FUN!

Wish we were at the Turkey Bowl with you.. it made me super Middleburg-Sick seeing those pic. I know Nathan rocked the feild. As we played in our bowl we thought of you all running around in shorts while we tried to play in hats, gloves, coats. Not the same!

Stacy said...

That will be super fun when I have older kids that can really participate... we are getting just a little of it with Annabelle! Where did you get those Advent calendars? I'm thinking that next year she might be old enough for it.

Laurel Shaw said...

Making family traditions with your own family is the best isn't!

Nana said...

glad to see their mugs are getting some good use. Love the pictures.

Katheryn said...

I got that advent calendar several years ago online at a site called Constructive Playthings. I have no idea if they even still make it.