Sunday, June 28, 2015

Receiving the Priesthood

Turning 12 is such a wonderful thing.  It means that Dallin will be leaving elementary school and going into junior high.  He graduates from Primary and is now in Young Mens.  It also means we now have a reliable live in baby sitter Smile.  But most importantly turning 12 means that Dallin is old enough to receive the priesthood.  He was interviewed by the Bishop and found worthy to be ordained to the office of Deacon in the Aaronic priesthood. 

When Nathan conferred the priesthood on Dallin, he mentioned in the blessing what a wonderful gift of service that Dallin will give to all around him.  He has already begun by passing the Sacrament on Sunday which he did with only a couple of minor mistakes.  And of course by performing Bishop duty – sitting on the stand  beside the Bishop in case the Bishop needs something done during Sacrament meeting.  And don’t forget Sunday Deacon duty – taking out the all trash in after the Sunday meetings. 

When Dallin was 10, Sister Coyle, the primary president at the time, taught a sharing time about the spirit and during the lesson she had all of the children sit quietly and try to feel of the spirit in the room.   Afterwards, Dallin told me that as he sat quietly he felt the spirit strongly and felt that Heavenly Father had something special for him to do in his life.  I know He does.  Dallin is blessing to every person that knows him.  We are so proud and grateful that he is part of our eternal family.

Dallin receiving priesthood