Thursday, December 9, 2010

Her ACTUAL birthday

On her actual birthday, I took some cupcakes into Mandy’s class.


They were yellow cake with chocolate icing per Mandy’s very specific instructions :)


She told me they were the best cupcakes ever!  I’m pretty sure she had a very very happy birthday!


Stacy said...

Mandy, that is our FAVORITE cake too!

The Mueller Family said...

Love the picture of Mandi eating the cupcake:) Lucky Layton got to party twice too:)

Laurel Shaw said...

Her Party and those cupcakes look great!! She's getting so grown up! Happy Birthday Beautiful Mandy!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!!!! Thanks for letting us be a little part of the big day. It was really adorable! Love all the pictures of Layton all pretty and dressed up. He is adorable!