Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Garden

As we have done every year for the past 4 years, we planted a little garden in our backyard.  We were a little late putting everything in this year, but we’re just going to hope for the best!  We’re hoping to have -

IMG_1784 copy

and the part I really love – the herb garden part –

IMG_1785 copy

We had the best little helpers planting everything -

IMG_1498 IMG_1500

And one little helper that didn’t actually plant anything, but he sure loved playing in the dirt!  By the time we were finished he was covered in dirt from head to toe.  Literally. 



Becky Shuler said...

Your garden already looks so pretty. It is way ahead of mine. I was late starting mine, too, but started from seeds. How proud the kids are going to be when they pick the fruits of their labor. I know nothing gives me more pleasure than diggin' in the dirt.
That is probably the easiest direction of the Church to follow.

The Mueller Messenger said...

Is there ANYTHING you can't do:) Can I please shadow you sometime so maybe some will rub on me! Way to go!!!!

Laurel Shaw said...

Love the herb garden! Gardens are the coolest! We love ours!

Casey Gentle said...

I need someone to plant a green thumb for me! I kill EVERYTHING...unless it can cry/bark/meow for food and water!! I really do want an herb garden though!