Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Paper Easter Eggs

This week at play date we made a fun little Easter decoration.  And when I say WE, I really mean mostly the moms.  Only the oldest girls were really into it and enjoyed making the craft.  The younger ones mostly just watched for a few minutes and went on about their business.  But Mandy enjoyed it, and that is the most important part to me :)
Aren’t they cute?  I found the instructions for them at
We are so glad that so many of our friends came over to play with us!  We love you all!


Nathan said...

Kids are cute! Glad they had fun even if the mom's did all the work. That's the way it most of the time unfortunately.

Casey Gentle said...

So cute!! Love the craft and the outcome. :)

Kelly said...

NO WAY! NOT FAIR! I missed out! You just made me VERY Homesick for all of you!
Wish we could have joined in on the PARTY!
Happy you are all having fun! I love you all. Those lil kids are darling! The eggs are very Cute too!

Laurel Shaw said...

it was alot of fun! thanks for having us!

Mandi said...

It was lots of fun.... Thank you! We have our hanging up waiting for the easter bunn to see. I love the picture of all the kids. PRICELESS!

Ilene said...

Thanks for having us over, we had lots of fun. We came home and made them with Julia. They were cute.