Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Day with Grandpa

This is actually from about a week and a half ago.  I’m just running a little behind these days.  Anyway, on the last day that we were able to spend with Nathan’s dad, we decided to head out to Hanna Park.  Nathan, Dad, and Curtis did a little mountain bike riding.
While they were hard at it, we took the kids for a some playtime on the beach.  As we walked out there, we saw a whole group of life guards doing some training.  We figured that was the safest spot to be with all of them around!
The water was FRIGID, but the kids didn’t seem to mind too much.
IMG_1731 IMG_1740 IMG_16952 IMG_17301 IMG_1659 IMG_1660IMG_1620
Well, all except for Layton.  He very timidly tip-toed to the water actually started crying when the coldness hit him.  Honestly I don’t blame him!
So instead he mostly just played in the sand.  After a bit the other kids joined in with the sand playing too.
IMG_1754 IMG_16721IMG_16991IMG_16681   IMG_1609 IMG_17211
Eventually though, Layton wanted to have the sand cleaned off of him, but he refused to go into the water.  So I compromised and just brought him a bucket of water.  He then very carefully cleaned himself off!
Afterwards we had a little picnic lunch.  Unfortunately on the side we were parked we couldn’t find an open picnic table so the kids decided to picnic inside the back of the van. 
As we were eating, we had a little visit from a raccoon.   Nathan and Curtis tried to chase it off and we thought we had gotten rid of him after he hid himself way up in a tree.
Just a little while later though, we found him scavenging in the trash can for the remnants of our lunch.  Raccoons are so smart!
All in all it was a wonderful day.  We did just hear some good news about Dad though.  It appears he may get to come home about a month sooner than originally planned because they are closing down the based he is stationed at.  So now he may get to come home in June rather than July!


Erin said...

Layton cracks me up! Maybe because I see so much of Grady in him?
I love the pictures of the racoon, and the treatment of the bikes - beautiful!
Good news about Bro. Jarvis - we are keeping him in our prayers!

Laurel Shaw said...

I know why you really wanted to be by the lifeguards! j/k That's a great way to spend your last day together! I know it was freat to have him back-even if just for a little while!