Thursday, April 15, 2010

Layton’s 2nd 2nd birthday party

As I mentioned before, Layton got to enjoy TWO birthday parties this year.  His second one was super special because he got to share it with his cousin Kate.
Birthday Invitation copy1
Seriously, do two year olds get any cuter than those two???? 
Obviously they had a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party.  I think Layton’s cake turned out pretty good.  Not perfect, but pretty good considering who made it :)
I love this picture of Dallin and his Mini-Me – toothless grins get me every time -
Back to the cake – Layton loved all the attention and singing and the pretend blowing out of the candle because of the pleasant breeze that was blowing kept very pleasantly blowing out his candle for him :)
I think both Layton and Kate totally enjoyed digging into their cakes!
While Kate was just happy to go around playing after cake, Layton just about had melt-down about opening his presents so we let him get right on it!
IMG_14221 IMG_14501
He loved all his presents!  Thank you to everyone!
We sure love our little Layton!



Kim Jarvis said...

I love that picture of him looking at Elmo! So happy!
Thanks for all that you did for the party. I think it went pretty dang good. The weather was perfect and the company was even better!

Cari said...

Those are 2 cute 2 year olds! The cake looked very good too, i'm impressed.

Erin said...

You and Kim are too hard on yourselves - both cakes and the cupcakes look adorable!
I love the Mickey and Minnie theme, but you know what a Disney goof I am. They all look so cute in their ears!
BTW - that B&W of Layton is just the cutest grin I have ever seen!

Casey Gentle said...

Everything looked perfect! The cakes were all great, too!! I have to ask...will you photograph my little guy's birthday? You are far too good at what you do, I want to reserve you now!! That will probably be Sat. Sept 25th. :)

Katheryn said...

Casey - you know I'll come take pictures anytime! I love taking pictures and if it is of a cute baby that makes it even better :)