Sunday, April 11, 2010


For the second time in his life – Dallin has fallen victim to the evil touch of poison ivy.
At least that is what the doctor thinks it is – either that or poison oak.  All Dallin knows is that it is super ITCHY!  I keep telling him not to scratch it and he keeps telling me that if he doesn’t scratch it he might die.
I can believe it!  Gladly the steroid and antihistamine seems to be helping a lot.  And we are especially glad that this time around he didn’t get it nearly as bad as the first time.  This time it is mainly around his left eye, cheeks, and arms.  Last time it was all over him and was just awful.  Not to mention, a 6 year old can handle the whole itching thing a little better than a 3 year old.  Wasn’t he just pitiful -

IMG_0782IMG_07861  IMG_07721
We’re hoping that this is the last time he ever has to deal with the yuckiness of poison ivy!


Nana said...

Poor Baby! I'd forgotten how bad it was the last time. Wish they had something to give him to help him not get it again.

Erin said...

He looks so much like Nathan in that first picture - other than the poor painful rash that was the first thing that hit me!
Jake has a rash, too - but I think his is allergic dermatits - he and Emma both get it every summer and we can't figure out what causes it!
I hope Dallin feels better soon - itching is the worst!

Becky Shuler said...

When did Dallin lose his other tooth? Did the tooth fairy visit again?

Ilene said...

OH NO! I can only imagine how bad it is on his face. I've had it once on my foot. I remember how bad it itched. Did he get it from your yard or on your hike? I hope he feels better soon and never ever gets it again!