Monday, April 5, 2010

We’re so Glad that

Grandpa came home!  Nathan’s dad, who has been in Iraq since last September, got a little furlough and is home visiting for the next couple of weeks.

The kids were so excited about him coming home that they each made a big poster for him to welcome him home.

 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1105

They make a very cute welcoming committee, don’t you think?


Then lots hugs followed his arrival.


Dallin even tried to help him in with his bag, but um, it was a little heavy for him.


Best of all, we were a little afraid that Layton wouldn’t have anything to do with him because Layton is always hesitant around people that he doesn’t really know well.  But even after 7 months, Layton must have remembered him, because he went right up and gave Grandpa a big hug!

Sweet Reunion

We’re so happy to have Grandpa home, if only for a little while!  At least when he goes back it will only be for about 3 more months.  Then we’ll have him home for good!


LESLIE said...

I am totally impressed with your kids artistic skills. The bubble letters are awesome!!

The Sorrell Family said...

I am so happy that Grandpa is home for a little visit!! The picture of him and Layton is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes.

Casey Gentle said...

How wonderful!! Your kids are so cute and sweet. I bet Grandpa was SO excited for such a great welcoming!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness... here I sit so Tender! I loved the posters and could feel the love the kids have for Grandpa! What a Wonderful Day! But that pic. of Layton and Grandpa could and should be on a cover of a magazine... something! It made me Very Proud to be a American! We are so Blessed to live in such a Great Place with willing Men and Women that put life on hold and in harms way for us to be FREE! I LOVE Grandpa! You can read GOODNESS all over his Face! Enjoy every Minute with him! Tell him the Thompson's say Hello and that we LOVE him!

Ilene said...

How sweet! I can imagine how missed he was. I hope after he returns those few months fly by for all of you, so he can be back holding his grandbabies. I have to agree with Kelly, that was an awesome picture! It made my heart swell with love for being an american and for those that serve. We love you brother Javis.

Becky Shuler said...

I had no idea he was home! That picture of him and Layton says it all. He looks really good, too. My heart is so full of gratitude to the sacrifices made by all our military. Please tell him that I love, admire and respect him and wish a safe return to his home and family in 3 months.


Erin said...

Wow - look what the Easter Bunny brought ya'll!
That picture of Layton and Bro Jarvis NEEDS to be on the cover of Life. It represents the feelings of family so beautifully.
I am so happy that he is home - I think we need to change the Plemmons Celebration Picnic to the Jarvis and Plammons Celebration Picnic!

Laurel Shaw said...

I know he was happy to see everyones faces! And get all those sweet hugs. Have fun with him while he is here!

Becky Shuler said...

That last picture just about made me cry. So sweet. You really captured the feeling of the moment. So glad he is home for a visit.