Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forever Young

Besides being a pretty good song and a really great movie – forever young also happens to be Dallin’s greatest wish. He told me the other day that he thinks that he would like to be either 6 or 7 for the rest of his life.  When asked why, he said that he gets to have so much fun as a 6 year old and when you get old like you Mom (thanks Dallin) you have to worry about having a house and money and all that stuff.
How did he get to be so smart?  I wish he could stay his age and I could stay my age and we could all live happily ever after!

P.S.  If you haven't already seen them - I posted a few pictures from my first photo session on my website if you want to see them!


McKinnley said...

I agree...I'd like to freeze my kids and stay young myself... Come up with a special trick for us all! Dallin you are a cutie! Maizie talks about you often!
Your Galloway photos are Awesome!

McKinnley said...

Ahhh nuts I keep forgetting to sign McKinnley out this is Kelly

Casey Gentle said...

Peter Pan syndrome. I love it!