Thursday, May 6, 2010


The hot weather has set in and I would say that summer time is truly here!
Thank goodness for swimming pools to cool off in (literally, the water was COLD).
And for a Daddy to go into the freezing cold water of the pool so that Mommy doesn’t have to :)


Kelly said...

NICE... Way to work it.. you can kick back and enjoy a sun tan! Oh wish we were with you all to enjoy the Hot Weather and a lil swimming! We can't complain the kids have pulled out the shorts! And we are loving it! Swim a lil for us!

Britt said...

I can't wait for summer! It will be very hot but it is a good thing for pools right? I know that I will practically live at my pool this summer! That looks like a ton of fun! Dallin looked freezing! But you will get use to it after a while (i hope) Love always, britt <3