Thursday, May 13, 2010

You’re So Special


Don’t I look beautiful?  I really do wish my eyes were that blue :)  Dallin made me this at school for mother’s day.  It reads:

My mom is special because she hugs me and kisses me.  She lets me play.  She lets me ride my bike.  Thank you for everything!

I think Dallin is pretty special too because he LETS me hug and kiss him whenever I want.  He is very fun to watch play because he has an amazing imagination.  He is one mean bicycle rider.  And he and the rest of my children (Nathan included) are everything to me.  I sure do love them.  They made my mother’s day this year the best one yet!


Kelly said...

Oh I love Mothers Day Gifts from the kids! I was thinking last night I need to post my gifts they are Priceless! You are one Hot Mama in that pic and in real life. he did a great drawing you... beautiful blue eyes. white straight teeth... pretty yellow hair Babe!
You are Special and so is that cute lil boy! Love you both!
Love Mandy all dressed up too Cute!

Becky Shuler said...

I love the picture and story! How sweet! Homemade gifts from our children are priceless. Glad you had a great Mother's Day - you deserve it!

Mandi said...

Gifts from the little ones are the best! What a good picture. I love the huge smile. It is true you always have a beautiful smile. He is such a sweet boy. I am taking notes from you, because you are such a great mom.