Monday, July 26, 2010

Very Sweet

While for the most part it is true that Layton is a holy terror and the grouchiest of grouches, occasionally he does surprise us with little fits of sweetness.  Like yesterday when Mandy bumped her eye (she wasn’t really hurt) and Layton cocked his little head to the side and said, “Mandy, I sorry.”  It was so sweet.  Or last night when he went around to each of us and said, “I love you Dallin.  I love you Daddy.  I love you Mommy.  I love you Mandy.”  He can melt your heart.  Best of all is that he never, and I mean NEVER, goes to bed, whether for nap or at night, without saying, “Goodnight Mommy, I love you.”  I love you too my little Layton Sugars.

P.S.  Check out more photos of the Plemmons Family here or here.


Pam said...

It's those sweet moments that make you totally forget about the times when he's being a little monster! And, yes, it certainly does melt your heart. : )

Brittney said...

he is tooo sweet!!!!!! wyatt has hhis sweet moments too like he will be sweet when he wants to be and yes it sure does melt your heart(: