Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 7 – Homosassa Springs

Day 7 of our vacation found us traveling to Homosassa Springs.  Home of the Manatees!
IMG_6966 IMG_6903
This is a favorite park of my childhood.  I had a Great-Aunt and Uncle that lived down in Sarasota.  We went to visit them almost every summer.  On the drive down there, we would often stop off at this park to see the Manatees and other natural Florida wildlife.
IMG_6957 IMG_6925 IMG_6927  IMG_6929 IMG_6946
On our way there, we were a little afraid that we were going to be rained out.  But surprisingly just before we arrived the rain stopped and the sun came out.  What is crazy is that just minutes after we left that day, it started pouring.  It was like the sun shone only for us :)
We had a great time seeing all the animals, including these jumping mullet everywhere.
IMG_6907 IMG_6909
Layton even had a close encounter of the squirrel kind.
Our little family of manatees:
IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6962 IMG_6964 IMG_6965
It was a great day!


Kelly said...

Oh this trip is the kind of trip I would have LOVED! 7 days away from real life and getting to spend it with your Most Favorite People.
You all look so Happy...
Happy Homosassa Springs! Hope they know how Lucky they were to have the Jarvis Family!

Casey Gentle said...

Kelly's right, they are LUCKY! You two sure know how to plan a fun family trip. Yay! Love those manatee too! Who doesn't love a sea cow?

Pam said...

I LOVE the pictures of all the Florida wildlife, and the ones of your family are so cute. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Becky Shuler said...

How amazing that the rained stopped long enough for you to enjoy the park and then started when you were done! What a sweet little blessing! Love your pictures.

Mandi said...

I have been waiting for these pics. Ever since you were telling me about the park I have waiting. It looks like fun I think we are going to have to make a family trip. Thanks for the idea. You all look so happy and full of smiles Glad you had such a fun trip. Family time is wonderful!