Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Layton Already Knows

At only two years old, Layton already knows the best (and as far as we are concerned, only) way to watch TV.


We were sitting on the couch watch a TV show (I think iCarly because that is what Dallin & Mandy are really into right now) and a commercial came on.  Immediately Layton turned to me and said “fast forward.”  My shocked jaw dropped, and he yelled at me more demandingly, “FAST FORWARD.”  So I obeyed.  Because fast forwarding through the commercials is really the only way to watch TV.  I was just amazed to learn that my 2 year old had already figured that out!!!


Kelly said...

Isn't it CRAZY how smart these lil Monkeys are! I feel the same way about Millie and Maizie... the help navigate through the tv cause I dont know how to work it... (Silly Mom)

Love that pic of him. What a Cute lil Boy! Love love love those beach pic... the one of Nathan holding Layton nd only seeing his wet feet is SOOO AWESOME! Ot needs to be put on your wall! I wish you were close by to have more beach days with you and have you worken that camera for us.

Sad news... we won't be coming to Fl. Well Heath will be but to Tampa for only a few hours for meetings.. So we still owe you dinner. We will hit you up sometime. We will have more meeting or come down for vacation... or if you need a trip up this way our door is OPEN! We must and will get together here soon! We LOVE YOU GUYS!

Pam said...

Yes, our 2 year old's ARE amazing! : )

Mandi said...

How did we ever live with out DVR? I love little Layton..... he is so darn cute. He is so right those pesky commercials need to be skipped.