Friday, August 27, 2010

Life after vacation

Now that I just relived all of our vacation and have been back in the “real world” for almost two weeks now, I wish I could take a few minutes and do just what I did that week:

Put my feet up,

Grab a good book,

Feel a little chill in the wind,

As I watch a storm blow in from the gulf.


But life rolls on.  Now I have to get out of bed early to get kids fed and ready for school.  Take one to school, wait 30 minutes and take another to school.  Keep the one that is left at home alone entertained for a couple of hours, while simultaneously trying to complete work.  Then jump back in the car and pick up my little pre-k queen.  Convince my baby that he needs to take a nap.  Do more work while he sleeps.  Then head out the door again to meet my favorite 2nd grader.  Come home, help with homework, do laundry, clean-up messes, cook dinner, tuck children into bed – and then start all over again the next day.  Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way – I love these little ones and the exhaustion by the end of the day is absolutely worth it.

IMG_680610x13 copy


Kelly said...

I agree I wouldn't want it any other way! We are BLESSED! Love both of those pic. AWESOME! I hope you sneak a treat in between all the running to and fro. It always make life just that much Sweet'r!

Pam said...

Yes! I know how exhausted I feel sometimes at the end of the day with just a 2 year old! I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like with 3 kids, school, etc. But it definitely is rewarding work and the blessings always come. : )

Mandi said...

I am tired just reading everything you do in one day. I am like our little pre-K queens are together, though. You are a amazing mother and I do admire you and your sweet family you guys just radiate love. Being a mom really is great!