Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Friday Date Night

Courtesy of Nathan’s mom, we got to enjoy a little date night last Friday.  So we took a drive out to the St. Johns Town Center to enjoy a little P.F. Changs.  If you look closely here, you can see my new short haircut.  I love it.  I should have cut it shorter at the beginning of the summer instead of waiting until the end.  But well, I’m not always the smartest and think of things like that until after the fact!


This was my very first experience with Changs and it was delicious.  I had sesame chicken.


And Nathan had this super hot Dali chicken dish.  I’m telling you it was so hot, the fumes from it burned my nostrils.  But according to him it was super delicious.  I can’t imagine how anything that is so hot that it makes your nose run could be considered delicious – but it was to him so that is all that mattered!


It was a nice night.  No kids is not something that we get to enjoy very often, so when we do we savor it!


The Mueller Family said...

SUPER cute hair!! Glad you guys had a great date night:)

Kelly said...

OH I WANTED TO GO WITH YOU TO PF CHANGS FOR THE 1ST TIME! Isn't it YUMMY? We had many dates lined up to go to pf but for what ever reason it never happened! So glad you enjoyed it. Next time we are in town we MUST hit it again. Your hair looks soooo CUTE! We need Nathan to take a pic of you to get a real good look at you! HOT! Miss you. Miss our date nights.

KYLIA said...

Aughhhh!! Love your new hair-do! I have never eaten at a P.F. Changs either because they are always right near a Cheesecake Factory...I guess I'm just toooooo loyal! :) They have P.F's in the frozen foods now @ Target and I'm waiting on a deal so it will taste better! :) Glad y'all enjoyed your date night!

Stacy said...

I don't understand it either, and I don't know where he gets if from because Dad never ate things as spicy as Nathan! Sounds like a really fun date, wish we could have doubled. I like the hair cut, but I want to see a better shot of it! Where did you get it cut?

Pam said...

Looks like you both had a great time! Can't wait to see your cute new "do" in person. : )

Katheryn said...

Kylia - it was a very difficlt decision - Cheesecake Factory is literally right beside P.F.s and their avacado eggrolls were calling my name - but I stayed strong and decided to try something different. It was good, but Cheesecake Factory is still my favorite :)

Kelly - you guys just need to come back down here for little while and we'll plan another date night! There are lots of places that I still haven't gone to :)

Stacy - we'll just have to plan a double date when you guys visit at Christmas!