Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Seal a Deal

I had a couple come over on Saturday with their daughter for a few minutes to talk about the possibility of me taking pictures of the daughter’s wedding next March.  While I was quite seriously explaining my services and showing them some sample pictures and products, Layton came over and climbed into the chair with me.  Then in his gravelly low voice, that sounds almost like a growl, he quite loudly announced, “I need CHOCOLATE.”  It completely broke up the seriousness of the moment and filled the room with laughter.  I think his cuteness sealed the deal for me and they signed a photography contract for me to do her wedding next year and to even do an engagement photo session as well.  My little Layton sure knows how to help a mother out!  I’m thinking I should include him in all my business transactions :)



Pam said...

How could they resist such a cutie-pie! Hey, whatever works, right? LOL

Nana said...

I need some chocolate too, Layton. Let's get some together!