Thursday, September 2, 2010

Traveling with Larry

Mandy’s teacher is doing a little activity with her class where they talk about different countries, states, and interesting places in the world.  She heard through the grapevine that I like to play around with pictures, so she asked me to come up with some pictures of her little friend Larry visiting some fun places.  So this what I have come up with so far:

St. Petersburg Cathedral, Russia
Riding an elephant on the plains of East Africa
 Africa copy
Enjoying the view in Anchorage, Alaska
 Alaska copy
Rowing down the Amazon in Brazil
 JUNE 28 - Manaus, BRAZIL. -  The Anavilhanas National Park in the Negro river, one of the Amazon conservation areas included in the ARPA program  ( Amazon Region Protected Areas ).  ( Photo: Lalo de Almeida ) FOREIGN PICTURE DESK
Exploring the Australian Outback
 Australia copy
Surfing in California
Walking along the great wall of China
 China copy
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France (don’t you love his little beret, I think it brings out the black in his eyes:) France copy
Sailing in Hawaii
Carrying water in India
 India copy
Talking with his Geisha friends in Japan
 japan48 copy
Leaning with the Leaning Tower of Pisa
 Piza, Italy copy
Playing soccer with friends in South Africa
 South Africa copy
Ok, so maybe I enjoyed this assignment just a little too much.  But really aren’t they fun!  My friend Mandi is going to take the pictures and create cute fun scrapbook pages for each of them.  They are going to be adorable!
They are doing a new location each week during the school year, so I’ve got to come up with quite a few more.  Stay tuned in a few weeks for more traveling with Larry.  And feel free to offer suggestions of where he should go to next!!!!


Nana said...

Katheryn, you know he has to go to Ireland!

Laurel Shaw said...

My turn!! Put my picture in all those places so i can pretend I did all that too!!!!! Lucky Larry!
and great job Katheryn!

Stacy said...

Standing guard with one of those British guys with the funny hats!

Or something in Greece.

Or playing a drum with dredlocks in Jamaica!

Okay, I can see how you would get carried away.

Cassie said...

Those pictures are to die for!

How about standing with the Statue of Liberty or on top of th Empire State Building? Or even just standing in Times Square?

In the Oval Office of the White House or sitting in Nancy Pelosi's chair in the Capital Building?

Behind bars in Alcatraz?

Riding a big roller coaster at Cedar Point in Michigan?

Grand Canyon on a donkey?

Riding the double decker bus in London?

Snorkeling in Belize?

Part of Carnaval in Brazil? He could have on a colorful, fluffy shirt or shirt?

Have I gone too far?? Enough with the suggestions already??

The Mueller Family said...

GREAT JOB!!!! I see children's books with your name on them in the future:)

The Sauls Family said...


I love Larry!!

Becky Shuler said...

Those are hilarious! You did a great job. Looks like a very fun assignment!

Pam said...

Great job, Katheryn! Fun and creative! I won't give you any other suggestions for places for Larry to go because you've been given some great ones already. : )

Mandi said...

I still keep looking threw them. They are wonderful. I went and bought some scrapbook paper for each one today and I am excited to spend my weekend scrapebooking.

I think they need:

Williamsburg Virginia in like a civil war uniform.

- St. Augustine at the fort

- Tuscany in a sunflower field

- Pennsylvania on a Amish farm

- Las Vegas on the dam

- Louisiana

- South Carolina on a plantation

I can not wait to see what you come up with next.

Katheryn said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I am totally going to use as many of them as I can find pictures for!

Casey Gentle said...

Those are great. Cassie is wrong though, Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio! I love the extra ideas. What about one of Larry at school with Mandy and Abi? ;)