Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Birthday Party

I am ashamed to say that these pictures are from over 3 weeks ago!  But well, it is better late than never to post them :)

Luke invited us to his birthday party and it was one of the cutest parties I have ever been to.  It was entirely themed Star Wars from start to finish.


To start the party, they had to learn to become Jedi knights.  Their first task was an obstacle course to build their skills.

IMG_8808 IMG_8811

Upon completing the course they earned their light sabers.

IMG_8815 IMG_8819

And then of course, they needed to learn how to use their light sabers!  Bubbles make fantastic targets to practice with.

IMG_8825 IMG_8827 IMG_8831 IMG_8820

Upon successfully learning to use their light sabers, they graduated and became Jedi Knights!

 IMG_8837 IMG_8838   IMG_8840

After refreshing themselves on Yoda Soda and Galactic Pizza, they were put to the test with their very first mission.  Find and destroy Darth Vadar and the Death Star!

IMG_8842 IMG_8847 IMG_8851 IMG_8856 IMG_8859

After their utter and complete victory they celebrated with this awesome cake.


It was good times!


Stacy said...

Wow, I will be tabling that idea for when I have a boy someday! I love how intense Dallin is in the Jedi picture, you can tell he was really getting into it. How fun!

Lea Whittaker said...

What a great idea!! Looks like they all had lots of fun!