Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goodbye Mama Doris

IMG I was looking through some pictures yesterday and found this one.   Mama Doris had sent it to me while I was on my mission.  On the back she had written:  “Somebody gave me this and I thought you might want it – its not too good – but it can remind you of me.  I love you, Mama Doris”

The funny thing is that I would never even need pictures to remind me of Mama Doris.  Crazy right – me admitting that I don’t NEED pictures.  But it is true.

I am reminded of her each time I eat grape jelly.  She knew it was my favorite and she made it for me almost every year.

I am reminded of her each time I see an electric blanket.  During high school and college, I lived with Mama Doris.  Her house was heated only by a small gas heater in the living room.  So during the coldest winter nights, she and I would sleep in same bed together under an electric blanket.  It was good times!

I am reminded of her whenever I receive a letter.  She wrote me everyday for 18 months while I was on a mission.  Each week when we got our mail, I could count on getting 7 letters from her!

Doris 1950
I am reminded of her each time someone mentions an alligator.  Which, considering where we live, happens a lot.  She had a pet alligator that followed her around like a puppy dog and ate right from her hand.

I am reminded of her whenever I see the Reader’s Digest.  I think she may have been their most faithful subscriber.  Remember when they used to offer “condensed books”?  I am pretty sure she bought every single one.

I am reminded of her each time I change my sheets.  When I lived with her, she knew how much I loved the smell and feel of freshly laundered sheets – so she would surprise me sometimes when I came home from school with clean sheets!

I am reminded of her whenever I eat a blackberry.  Her blackberry dumplings were a favorite of both mine and my dad’s!

I am reminded of her whenever I journal about our lives.  She wrote in her journal notebook every single day.  Over her lifetime, there are literally stacks of them!

I am reminded of her whenever I eat all kinds of different foods – fried turkey breast, congo bars, chocolate ice boxed cake, roast, mashed potatoes, fried sweet potatoes, field peas, creamed corn – those are some of her signature foods that she was a master at cooking.
I am reminded of her each time I sit down in a rocking chair.  Each and everyone of her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even her one great-great-grandchild, have all been rocked to sleep with her patting our backs and singing “In the Sweet, By and By”.

I am reminded of her each time Layton watches Bambi.  He loves that movie and she was the one who made sure our children had that and many other movies that they love.

I am reminded of her each time I read a book to my children.  She read so many to me as a child and she kept that tradition going with her great-grandchildren.

I am reminded of her when I read the Book of Mormon.  She read it daily up until the very end, when her eyes didn't really let her anymore.  I am pretty sure she has read it more than a 100 times.

I am reminded of her each time I play the piano.  She faithfully took me to weekly lessons for YEARS.  While I never became a master at it, because of her dedication I can at least plunk out a few church songs.

I am reminded of her  - ALWAYS.  Her life is so completely woven into my life that they would be impossible to separate.  Forgetting her would be forgetting myself.
IMG_1972 copy1
Mama Doris passed away last night.  She has lived one amazing life.  We love her so much and will miss her terribly.  But, we know that she is with those she loves right now.  She has been waiting for over 30 years to be reunited with the love of her life.  How happy they must be right now!

For those interested, her funeral will be a simple graveside ceremony held at Gregory N. Gentry Cemetery, tomorrow October 21st, at 4:00 p.m.  All are invited to attend.


The Mueller Family said...

Katheryn, I am so sorry for your loss. She seems to be a wonderful woman. The memories and traditions she created will always be with you and your children. Please let me know if you need anything.

Kim Jarvis said...

That was a beautiful post. I know it must not be an easy time for your family, but I am happy for Mama Doris. We all know where she is right now! Let me know if I can do anything!

Bethany said...

That was one of the sweetest tributes I have ever read. Is this your grandmother? Sorry for your loss, how wonderful though that she will always be remembered for such wonderful acts.

The Jackson Family said...

I am sorry to hear for your families loss. Mama Doris seems like one remarkable woman.

Lea Whittaker said...

Sorry for you loss here on earth but how wonderful to be touched by someone who seems very special!! What great memories!

Mandi said...

Katheryn I am so sorry for your loss. You should write books or something because you have such a great way with words..... that was amazing. I felt like I have met her a million times and I certainly wish that I had. Please know if I can do ANYTHING!

Becky said...

I remember those stacks of letters! Katheryn, I am thinking of you at this time. I am sorry.

Casey Gentle said...

I feel as though I knew Mama Doris because I know you. I know how much you love Mama Doris. HF loves us so much that he allows us these special relationships that can last for eternity. Katheryn, what a beautiful tribute. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I love you.

Pat McGee said...

Katheryn, this was a beautiful tribute to Doris. I loved her like my Mama. I will miss seeing her and hope that one day to see her again. I know that you and all the Shuler Family will miss her. Always remember the good times, but then again I guess that is all you can remember about Doris. I loved Doris very much and I love you too.

Sherri said...

What a great tribute! Great pictures from years past! She looked so healthy and happy! The way we should all remember her! I am happy for her because I know where she is and who she is with! I know she is soo happy! We will miss her! I am thankful for the gospel and forever families! Its times like this that help strengthen my testimony of our Heavenly Fathers plan!

KYLIA said...

I'm gonna miss my sweet, little Doris Edna! White Springs just won't be as "white" anymore without her little white head at the top of the hill! Love you!

Cari said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We have to try to remember to tell our children how amazing our grandparents were and you put your memories into such beautiful words.

Kelly said...

Even though she will be missed she is in such a happy state. I can't imagine the happiness she must feel to back with her husband. Oh reading this post gave me the chills. I could see you looking like her too when she was younger. She was a wonderful person. She was so lucky to have you and your cute family in her life too. So happy you did that fun party for her last year. So everyone got to get together and enjoy her before she went on meet her husband. Im sure your heart is heavy and you are sad. I wish I was close enough to come play with you guys. I love you! I love your tender heart. Keep your head up and when you get sad turn on some music and sing and dance... mama Doris will smile on you for loving life!

Geoffrey said...

I love her! -geoff

Rachel Davis said...

Kat, thank you for expressing so many memories that we all shared with Mama Doris. It was a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. I love and miss her so much. I am thankful for our forever family. I love you.

Nana said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I loved her too even though I did not get to know her for very long. She was a wonderful woman. I wish I could have had such a great relationship with my grandmothers but alas that was not to be. I hope I can be that kind of Nana to your kids and all my grandkids. I love you all very much.

Becky Shuler said...

What a heartfelt, beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing. I miss Aunt Doris. Not seeing her smiling face in the pew behind us at church is hard. We all love her. You are in our thoughts and prayers.