Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Most of you have probably already seen the pictures that I posted on my photography blog of a wedding that I did about a week and a half ago.  I have to admit, walking into weddings and seeing other people’s beliefs have been interesting to say the least.  I was just so impressed by this last wedding though.  They were Baptists and it was very evident that their belief was sincere and devoted.  Look at how modestly the bride and her bridesmaids were dressed.

IMG_2308-Soft Glow

Isn’t that refreshing to see youth all dressed so attractively and yet completely modest?  They even requested this photo of his ring and this scripture:


What was even more impressive is that they had NEVER even kissed.  Yep you read that right.  Their first kiss was AFTER they were married.  Wow, right?


They were serious about their virtue.  And while I certainly don’t advocate waiting until you are married to kiss, it was so wonderful to see such a virtuous couple.


We may not share the same religion, but it is nice to know that there are people out there teaching the beauty of modesty and virtue – two values that I hold in very high esteem.  


Kim Jarvis said...

I've been meaning to tell you how great all of your pictures have been. I love the creativity you are bringing into them! I'm glad that you are having such success. I knew that you were that good!

Katheryn said...

Thanks Kim!

Stacy said...

In a word: amazing! This is exactly what I think of when I read that "Vision of the South" passage from Vaghn Featherstone. That the great people of other faiths are preparing the way for the gospel to spread in the South. What a great example (and I LOVE those dresses!)

Mandi said...

YEAHHHHHHH! I remember being a teenager and feeling all alone in my values. I hope that there are other young women whatever the religion that share the same values and respect for themselves when Abigail gets older. HOW REFRESHING! The best part is that all those dresses are totally adorable. Great post......like always! Love all the picture...... like always!

Becky Shuler said...

It is refreshing to read about a couple who values modesty and virtue. Thanks for sharing! Good for them for being such great examples to their friends and family. And beautiful pictures, Katheryn!