Friday, November 12, 2010


or cry???  I know it is probably so very wrong, but we can’t help but laugh at Layton sometimes when he cries.  He does a bang up good job of making himself look pitiful, but when we know it it is completely fake – we just laugh.  Even he does.  He has requested to watch this little video of himself crying over and over again – and do you know what he does every single time he watches it – he giggles.  We are one crazy little family!!!


Kelly said...

Well at least you know he LOVES his Mommy! I love those curls!

Stacy said...

I do that too, only it makes Annabelle so mad every time that she usually ends up pitching an even worse fit. They are just so ridiculous sometimes you can't help yourself! (Although I am sure they think they are being completely logical.)

Nana said...

I thought there for a minute he might pass out from lack of air! He's too funny.