Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trying to reach the surface…

Do you ever just have some days where at the end you fell like this:


It seems I have been having weeks worth of those kinds of days.  I feel like I have so many different things right now pulling and vying for my attention that I can’t ever seem to get ahead.

I imagine that in some small way, this must be what it feels like to be drowning.  You see the surface so far away – you struggle and struggle and struggle and stretch and push yourself even harder – at yet you never seem to be able break the plain of the water.  I’m hoping that by the time Christmas is over that I’ll be able to burst through the surface and just breathe.  And relax.  If only for a little while.   You know, spend a day like a two year old and just lay down and rest and pretend to sleep anytime I feel like it :)



Kelly said...

I hope you get a day or week to REST AND RELAX long before Christmas! I wish I was close enough to come get you for a lunch date to just breath deep, eat up, laugh and enjoy! Then I'd take the kids while you tackle the tasks ahead of you. This only happens to really smart, talented people.. I have lots of days of rest! I know what you can do plan a trip out here and I can help you relax!

I have been worried about you not posting for so long! I have missed you! Joking aside I hope you relax real soon! I love you!

Laurel Shaw said...

Hope you get a break soon!!