Friday, February 11, 2011

Baseball tryouts

The infamous baseball season that has me all nervous about our schedule got started this week with tryouts on Tuesday night.  This is Dallin’s very first experience with baseball other than a little backyard play with family.  They showed off their skills that night by grounding a ball,
throwing to first,
and demonstrating their essentially non-hitting swing.
This is going to be a most interesting baseball season!

Thanks everyone for all of the help yesterday.   Mandy and Nancy – I am super excited to try out the dry erase board idea.  I even went and ordered myself one from Amazon.  Now I just have to decide where to put it.  By the computer, where I spend a ton of time working, or in a more central location like the refrigerator in the kitchen??  We’ll see!

Oh and if anyone needs a fantastic meal planning system – talk to Stacy.  Holy cow!  It is an Excel spreadsheet created by her husband - it even creates a shopping list for you when you pick out what you plan to cook for the week!  Awesome!  Stacy, I think I am almost more excited though about trying out all the recipes you have listed than anything else!  I may be coming to you for a few instructions :)

Kim, I am loving the idea of having a notebook handy all the time to write down ideas and things that need to get done.  I have heard before that writing down things like that can actually help clear your mind and keep you more focused, I’ve just never tried it before.   Now that I know someone else does it, I think I will give it a try! 

Cassie thanks for the tip about Fly Lady.  I took a look at her website and she definitely has some great cleaning routines that I want to try out.  Although – she is a little bit of a Nazi about the kitchen sink, isn’t she?  Dry it out with a towel after every use?  Don’t allow your family to put dirty dishes in it?  That’s a little scary for me, but I am loving the idea of 15 minutes each day to declutter.  That seems very doable.
Any other tips that you all have are very very welcome!


Casey, seriously if you started up a support group to help each other stay organized, I would so join it in a heart beat!!!!!

Jenn,  I am so going to use your timer idea!  I am right there with you about getting the kids involved in cleaning up!  And I actually have a pretty strict policy about not doing housework after the kids go to bed, or at least keeping it to a bare minimum.  After the kids go to bed is when I get to spend time with Nathan.  Although, we are pretty boring I must say.  Our together time usually involves a little bit of TV watching together and then climbing into bed side by side with our books.  I absolutely love our running commentary throughout our TV/book time about what we watch/read.  I love laughing and talking about random things with him!

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Casey Gentle said...

How fun. We always had a great time at the ballpark. Also, be prepared for the other kittens wanting to play. Then your schedule will really be an awesome time.
Stacy, Seriously, hook a sista up!! Please and thank you!
Katheryn, I love that you took a little from everyone. I might join you in that.