Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art and Cousins

My mother is an artist.  She has an amazing talent with paints of all kinds – oil, acrylic, watercolor – all gorgeous.  So it should come as no surprise that is has now become a tradition that my kids expect when we go for a visit that they get to have a painting session while there.  And this painting session was extra special because Emily (or as Layton calls her “My Emiwy”)  and Sarah got to join in too!
I have always want to be able to create beautiful pieces of artwork like my mother.  Unfortunately, I lack the talent to do so.  One thing that having an artist as a mother has taught me though, is that you don’t have to be an artist to appreciate good artwork.  So while I can’t create it, I am glad to have been instilled with a deep appreciate of art and what it takes to create it.  If you have never watched an artist at work, it is an amazing thing to see how each stroke of the brush comes together to create the whole.   I think that creating beautiful things is one way that people show their affinity to being like unto God – for isn’t He the greatest creator of all.  I am grateful everyday to be able look around me and appreciate His artwork, from the sweet faces of my children to the flowers that are beginning to bloom this spring to the ever changing beauty of the sky and everything else in between. 


Cassie said...

You create the most beautiful art in the pictures you take. You may not be able to draw or paint but you can capture. That is priceless!

Casey Gentle said...

How fun for your kids. I'd love to see some of your mom's work.

Kelly said...

I have art from my Mom too. It is such a treasure~! Looks like you have a table full of artist!

You so are a artist.. with all the amazing pic you take and create!

Becky Shuler said...

Your mom is so talented! I recently bought one of her water colors and I love looking at it! How fun that she teaches your kids.

Stacy said...

Your mother is really amazing. I love the temple picture she did for Mom & Dad. Is she still doing those? I would love to have her do one of the Orlando Temple for us someday!