Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dallin’s First Big Win!

After the first 4 games of spectacular losses – the Riverdogs finally had a win!  Dallin got to play second base during this game since the regular second baseman was sick.


He did a really good job!


He tried hard to hit the ball, but unfortunately didn’t connect during this game.


But it didn’t matter because his teammates, especially his good friend Haden, came through with some great hits to win the game!  To celebrate, Nana and Grandpa took us all out for a special treat at Shakes.


Dallin totally enjoyed his little celebration.


Thanks Nana and Grandpa!



Kim Jarvis said...

Congratulations of the win! How exciting! Wish we could've been there to scream and holler and make fools of ourselves, cheering you on!

Do you have a game this next weekend? Since we'll be up there for the birthday party, we could try to come up early for a game too.

Laurel Shaw said...

Go River Dogs!!!
Hayden just loves being on Dallin's team!!
I think it's pretty cool too!
Doesn't Dallin look so handsome in his unform!

Stacy said...

Ok, a few things:
1. Dallin is such a stud in that uniform.
2. I wish so badly that we could have been there!
3. Congratulations Dallin on the win!
4. I really want a milkshake now.