Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little pampering…

The boys all left and went to the ball field and Mandy and I stayed home.  So we decided to make it a fun girls night!  We soaked our feet, and scrubbed them smooth,


watched girly shows on TV while letting a mud mask dry on our faces,


and then painted our toes.


I love having a little girl and I love spending time just the two of us!


Casey Gentle said...

That is so sweet and cute. Good for you, taking every little moment to make great memories. Maybe I'll get a little pamper princess this time around!? But maybe not.

Stacy said...

I seriously can't wait till my girls are old enough for those things. Well, I guess I can wait... don't want them to grow up too fast either!

Mandi said...

Oh i think I am going to still this cute idea. Abi would love it! Yeah for Nathan taking the boys! Mommy daughter time is always fun.

Cassie said...

Love the little painted tootsies! I never thought I wanted a little girl (cause I may have to kill her if she's anything like me) but now that I have my Georgia I'm so looking forward to these little moments. Thanks for sharing it. Ummmm if the mud mask face shows up on facebook I have NO IDEA how it got here. :P