Thursday, March 3, 2011

The next Tennyson

I was looking through some of the books on our bookshelf and came across a little journal book.  I took a peak inside to see if anything was written in it and to my delight there were a couple of poems and stories written by a 6 year old Dallin.


Translation (for those that don’t read a 6 year old’s special spelling)

A Poem

Me and Layton are alike.

He looks like me when I was little.

So he will look like me

When he is grown up.

I would say that is one fine piece of literature.  There was also a little story in there.



A Story

Little dog wants to play.  Big dog wants to play.  Little dog wants to go on a walk.  Big dog wants to go on a walk.  It is cold.  Little dog is warm.  Big dog is not.  Little dog found a coat.  Now big dog is warm.  The end.

Ok, so it is not exactly Newberry Award worthy, but to me it is some of the sweetest literature I have ever read.  I love my Dallin.



Casey Gentle said...

Those are the most important stories. Kids are so cute, especially when they grow up to look alike. ;)

Laurel Shaw said...

Those are so cool!
just like Dallin!