Friday, March 11, 2011

The River Dogs

Baseball season has officially begun!  Last weekend found us out at the ballpark for opening ceremonies Friday night and their first game on Saturday night.





Getting ready to run out on the field for opening ceremonies.





Our fantastic coaches.




Running the bases.  We’re not exactly sure why Dallin chose number 27.  It really has no significance that we can think of.  Apparently he just likes that number :)






Hanging out on the field.








The first game Dallin made contact with the ball, but was tagged out at first.  It truly was a spectacular loss.  Something like 18 to 3.  Or it could have been more.  I kind of lost track.  Let’s just say our team has a long long way to go.  But I’m sure we’ll see lots and lots of improvement by the end of the season.



I am very proud of my little River Dog.





P.S.  I was completely justified at being scared of the baseball schedule.  It is insane – just this week alone we will have spent 3 evenings and 1 Saturday morning out at the ballpark.  We may have to set up a permanent camp there.

Let’s play ball!


Laurel Shaw said...

We are so happy to have you there with us this season...camping!!I am so glad the boys are on the same team- dancing in the feild together. Wait. That sounds wierd! You know what i mean.
Dallin looks so handsome in his uniform! He is such a great kid!!!
see ya tonight!

Laurel Shaw said...

Awesome pictures!

Kim Jarvis said...

Go River Dogs! That sounds so exciting. I never got to watch a brother play when I was growing up, but my dad played games every week (during baseball season) with the Navy. I loved all of it - from the dirt, to the concession stands, to the bleachers. Hopefully, we can make it up there for a game or 2 to cheer on Dallin and Hayden!