Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Container Garden

My kids are so funny.  When they get enthused about something – they really get enthused!  I’ve already talked a number of times about our little garden project which seems to be coming along well.  This past week Dallin and Mandy decided to plant a garden of their own.  But rather than a regular garden, they decided to go with the container method. 


So they pulled up weeds out of the grass and planted them in paper cups.


Although Mandy did get a little adventurous and threw in some rosemary for good measure.


Do you know what I love most about this?  It was a project that they came up with completely unprompted by me.  I just let them roam in the backyard/woods and let their imaginations roam along with them.


Laurel Shaw said...

Great Idea!! Looks Fun!

Casey Gentle said...

I'm gonna need to live with a nature preserve behind me...cause your kids get to do some fun roaming. They are so cute.

Kelly said...

I love it the free roaming.. I so miss that about Florida. Kade would often come home with pets, wild flowers, and fun. It needs to warm up so we can enjoy a lil of this spring!