Friday, April 29, 2011

In Our Bed

Tiny traditions.  Every family has them.  One of ours (and I am sure it is probably common in many families) is when the kids wake up in the morning they all come and pile into the bed with us.  While lying in bed together, we almost always do the “I love you the _____-est” game and sing the “________ is the ______-est” song.  If you have ever watched the Noggin channel you’ll recognize the song.

The I love you game goes something like this: 

Layton:  I love you the Materest.

Me:  I love you the Lightningest.

Layton:  I love you the Mr. The Kingest.

Me:  I love you the Chick Hickest.

Mandy:  I love you the flowerest.

Me:  I love you the chocolatest.

You get the idea – it can go on forever!

The song usually goes something like this:

“Mandy is the fanciest, Dallin is the danciest, everywhere I go;

Layton is the bunniest, Daddy is the funniest, everywhere I go”

And so on.

Well this morning we were singing the song and I sang, “Daddy is the stinkiest (for obvious reasons if you know Nathan at all), Mommy is the sleepiest,”  and then out the of blue, Layton piped up with, “Layton is the waker-upest”   And we laughed and laughed.  Because it is so very true.  He is always the first one up and he always wakes everyone up!  I thought it was such a clever thing for a 3 year old to say.  And then Layton cried and cried – because he hates to have people laugh at him.  Children are so very funny!



Kelly said...

What a cute song... I loved to read what you called Nathan.. Men!
I love the idea.

Casey Gentle said...

I know about Nathan and all his stinkiness! And I love how you capture Layton so well. I can see everything happening as you I read it. Thank you for being a great story-teller. :)

Kim Jarvis said...

I like that shirt! ;)

We have "family time" in our bed too. Some of the absolute best moments happen there! Everyone just gets so silly - it is the best!

Mandi said...

I know that song!!! We love it as well. Layton is dang cute! It is so sad and adorable when they get upset because we giggle at them. It never surprises me how sweet and sensitive they are. Glad every morning starts together. Sounds like heaven!

Anonymous said...

Love it as always. Mama

Laurel Shaw said...

Kids are the best! I can't imagine my life without them! It would so boring!

p.s. Layton kissed Ida today at the field!!