Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last Friday night – LATE Friday night (at least for kids – the game didn’t start until 8:00!) Dallin played a great game of baseball.  He has had a couple of hits before, but most of the time has gotten out at first – or if he made it to first, never got past it.  But not this time!  He made an awesome hit and made it all the way to third base!


Here he is getting waved past first…


If you look way out in the outfield you can see the other team trying to get his awesomely hit ball!


Not only did he make it to third, but he helped someone else make it home! And then his teammate Seth got a hit and he made it home.  So in one night, he got his first triple, first RBI, and first run scored!  Love his little victory jump.


And then to top off the evening, his coach game him the game ball – naming him the MVP for the game!

AND…the very next morning he hit his first home run.  Now how is that for an amazing weekend of baseball!



Cassie said...

Make sure the phone is on the hook cause those Braves are gonna be callin!!!! So excited for Dallin and his awesome skills!!

Stacy said...

Go Dallin! The funniest part was what you didn't mention though... and then Grandpa went out and bought a batting machine! I laughed so hard when Mom told me that.

Laurel Shaw said...

Totally amazing!!!! Congrats Dallin!! I can't wait to watch you the rest of the season!!!

Kim Jarvis said...

Woohoo! It was so exciting to be there and help to cheer you on, Dallin! We were all so proud of you for trying your best and doing so good! Congrats, MVP!

Becky Shuler said...

I am sure the practice he got at Crawfordville was what did it :-)

Way to go, Dallin!!!! Mema