Monday, April 4, 2011

Something pretty to brighten your day…




My Aunt Becky grew these beautiful Irises.  She is very proud of them.  I hope they brighten your day and that you have a beautiful Monday!


Nana said...

They are beautiful. They are one of my favorite flowers. We had them in our yard in Virginia when I was a child. Hard to grow them here. It's too hot.

Casey Gentle said...

They are gorgeous! I need to work on this thumb of mine...cause it's not even brown. ;)

Kelly said...

Sooo Pretty! Im ready for a few flowers around my yard.. Im sick of the COLD!

I am soo excited for your trip! I wish I was in Fl. to work out with you. We would be one mean team. You two will have so much fun! It wouldn't matter where you two went it would be a party!

I think you should plan a family trip out here for a weekend at the indoor water park. It was soo Awesome! All my kids loved it. It was wild with a fun indoor roller coaster. We Are ready to play with you all again!

Becky Shuler said...

Yea!!!! Even more beautiful than I could imagine a photo could be!!! Thank you so much. I'll let Alice Ann know.