Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of Season Party

It was the end of baseball season (or so we thought – we ended up having three more games after our “end of season” party) and what better to do than to celebrate!


I actually didn’t get to go to the party because I was photographing a wedding, but Nathan was nice enough to take pictures for me.  While the River Dogs this year weren’t exactly a winning team, getting to know all of this teammates and coaches was definitely a winning experience for Dallin.


You’ll notice he is the only kid not in his jersey – he didn’t want to wear it and Nathan didn’t make him.  Oh well.  I guess that’s what happens when mom isn’t there :)  He loved getting his trophy!


Walking by and getting five from one of his favorite teammates – Hayden!


He is super proud of this trophy and it now holds a place of honor on our entertainment center.


For the fall, we gave Dallin a choice of playing soccer or playing baseball.  I was seriously hoping that he would choose soccer because the schedule is so much less demanding – but at the idea of fall baseball his little face just lit up.  There was no way that I could tell him no fall baseball with so much delight on his face.  So I guess we’ll be back at it in the fall and then probably again in the spring.  Wish us luck!

P.S. Has anyone else had some issues with blogger lately?  There were some comments on a couple of my post from last week that are no longer there.


Cassie said...

Blogger went down for two days! They tried to repost posts but comments seem to have been lost.

Have fun with fall ball!!

Laurel Shaw said...

First Laytons face now the shirt!
What are you going to do with Nathan?? j/k!!
We will be right there with you in the fall! I know why Dallin's face lit up... because that little man is AWESOME at ball! I hope we can sit by side next season too!!
Tell Layton to save up those kisses for Ida!

Laurel Shaw said...

Ha- Side By side! you know:)

Becky Shuler said...

YES! I've had problems with blogger too! I think I left you a comment or two and they are not there. I am missing some comments. Oh well. I couldn't publish for 3 days. Frustrating! Now I can, hopefully all the kinks are worked out.