Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Layton’s Big Boo-Boo


Poor little Layton.  On Saturday he fell and kind of got the losing end of the battle between his face and a decorative driveway reflector.  Rather than put stitches in (because they couldn’t use superglue because of the proximity to his mouth), they decided to simply tape it closed with little strips of tape.

Ummm….yeah, those little strips of tape didn’t last long at all.  In the time that it took me to take the bandaid off and put a new one on, those things were gone.  So he will very likely end up with a little scar there, but that will just give his perfect little face a bit of character, right?


Kelly said...

OUCH! Poor dude! He's one Tough Cookie. Thats crazy they wouldn't super glue it. Good Luck!
Give it a Kiss for me!

Kim Jarvis said...

"Decorative driveway reflector" - must've been at Nana's?

That is so sad! I hope that he feels better soon!

KYLIA said...

Poor Layton! Love his little "pitiful" face...hope he got some ice cream to ease the pain!