Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting a little Culture

Last week for Activity Day girls, we decided to head to the Cummer Museum of Art to expand our artistic senses.  The museum is free to the public every Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 to 7:00.  But, they won’t let you take ANY pictures at all inside the museum – not even flash-less pictures.  But that’s ok, I guess they just want you to focus on the beauty of the artwork :)  I love art and so I enjoyed the galleries tremendously.  Surprisingly, I think the most fun gallery room at the museum was their new display of porcelain. 


They had a little brochure available for kids as they entered that particular gallery and in it were little games and facts about the porcelain.  I think the most popular game was a scavenger hunt.  The kids had a list of items that they had to find painted on all the different porcelain.  It was lots of fun!
Gladly, they do allow photographs outside.  This is our motley group that braved the security guard lined walls of the museum.


We only had 4 activity day girls come (we normally have 8 to 10 – I guess this wasn’t exactly the most popular of activities!).


The gardens are simply beautiful.  I can imagine that in the spring time that they must be breathtaking!


I tried to get a few pictures of my kids together.  Um…well.. you’ll see…


That last one cracks me up the most.  Layton is such a booger.


And Mandy is ever the princess.  Doesn’t she look perfectly at home on a throne.

And Dallin…

Well, Dallin is just Nathan in miniature.



Stacy said...

I love those backgrounds! I wonder if you can use it for your professional shoots or if that is some kind of infringement? Sounds like a cool place!

Mandi said...

I think my next pictures with you and my family might just be at the Cummer. That is actually where Mike and Vickie got their engagement pictures taken. Love the one with Dallin and Nathan.... boys will be boys. I think it would have been a fun activity. When the girls here how much fun you had they will wish they came. You do GOOD work!

Laurel Shaw said...

What a great calling!!

The Sauls Family said...

I Love The Cummer! We had a great time there last year. The gardens are gorgeous.

Kelly said...

WOW that place looks Awesome! Cute pic. of your kids.. and Nathan.
Fun to see some Middleburg friends!