Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Couldn’t let the day pass without wishing Nathan a very happy 35th birthday!  We already had a MAGNUM celebration last night and we plan to celebrate even more Friday night.  And for those not introduced to Magnum bars yet…


…don’t try them.  Your waistline will hate you.  They are like heaven on a popsicle stick.


So here’s to a very Happy Birthday Nathan!  I hope your next 35 years are just as fun filled as the first 35 have been!  Love ya!


Nana said...

We love you, too and hope your life is always filled with love and happiness.

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie from the rest of us!! Those Magnum bars are just their version of Goofy bars and boy do I love me some Goofy bars! I can't believe "someone" had a Goofy Bar party without inviting me!!! Hope your day was awesome!!

Stacy said...

I saw a coupon for those things recently and wondered if they were any good. I may just have to try one.

Glad your birthday was great brother! Oh, and Jon told me about his text to you and I said, "Ok, go put my t-shirt on and let me take a picture." He refused... you were so right!