Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Cutie Pie

At Dallin’s party, I walked up to Nathan and found him doing this:


He then turned Reese towards me and asked – see don’t you want another one?


I think if I could be guaranteed to have one as happy and sweet as she is, I think I might really be tempted.  But, I’m not sure if I am willing to take that risk!!!  Not when I have Layton around all the time to remind me of what I would most likely get!


Mandi said...

I get it.... babies are cute. Then again toddlers are wild!!!! At least you can say your toddler is cute.

Morgan and Holly said...

Haha! That is too funny, Katheryn! She sure is a cute baby, though :)

Sherri said...

Now Katheryn! Mandy needs a sister!

Laurel Shaw said...

Go for it!!!
Reese is adorable!

Becky Shuler said...

Whew!!!! Hold on to your sanity!

Stacy said...

I am selfishly on the side of wanting another cousin for my kids! I can't argue with how cute or sweet Reese is either. ;) Great job on the pictures!