Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dallin’s Baptism

Dallin’s baptism was such a special day for our family.  We are so proud of him for choosing the right.


This is what Dallin had to say about his baptism:

As I got in the water it was warm, kind of like what the Holy Ghost feels like in my heart.  As I stood in the water, I felt Heavenly Father and Jesus right beside and the Holy Ghost with me too.  As Dad held my arm, I felt so excited to get baptized.  I was really excited about all the presents that I was going to get that day, but the baptism was even more exciting.  When Dad put his hands on my head I felt warm inside from the Holy Ghost.  I was happy to be the newest member of the church.  My baptism was awesome!


I have to admit, it really was pretty awesome.  As Sister Jammes pointed out, the room was filled to the brim with people that love Dallin and it really doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by people who love you!


Add in some good food:


And some of Dallin’s favorite things:


And it was perfect!  Thank you so much to everyone that came to make Dallin’s baptism so very special.

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Laurel Shaw said...

Looks Awesome!!!
Dallin is going to be such a good example to his friends as he goes through life! He already has such a great testimony of the Holy Ghost!
I sure wish we could have been there to share that specail day with him too!