Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is ON like Donkey Kong


At Nathan’s office they are doing a health challenge starting tomorrow to see who can be the biggest loser.  Everyone will put in $10 and whichever woman and man loses the highest percentage of body weight in the next 8 weeks will split the pot.  But, to make it nice for all of the participants, anyone who loses 5% or more body weight will win a day off of work.  Sweet, right?  So Nathan has decided to enter to see if he can get a day off of work. 

And so since right now I am trying to exercise to get in shape for our vacation in September, which is only 7 weeks away (YAY!!!!), I thought it might be fun for the two of us to have a little competition of our own.  Between the two of us we’ll see who can lose 5% of body weight first.  We haven’t decided on a prize yet.  Any ideas?  I was thinking that maybe the loser would have to give the winner a full body massage.  Which is totally something I could use right now.  Holy cow I’m out of shape.  I’ve been exercising daily for about a week now and right this second I am SOOOOO sore.  It even hurts to type. 

So sweetie – get ready to get your butt kicked.  It is so ON!


Laurel Shaw said...

Chris and I say we are going to start exercising and eat better everyday! Why are good things so hard to do???
In Relief Socitey sunday Sister Bair mentioned it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Good or bad! So just get through those first few weeks and your golden!
Good luck and may the best WOMAN win!!

Stacy said...

I think something monetary. Like you get to spend $100 on something or he does... whoever wins!

Sherri Shuler said...

Eat only meat that is baked or grilled. No high fat foods or sweets especially chocolate! No soft drinks! Lots of water! You should lose weight easily! I know I did!

Mandi said...

Aaron is working days now so if you need a walking buddy I would love to take advantage of these snazzy new foot. Let me know if you want to do it. Good Luck!!! I think the prize should be some free girls nights out!!!

minnieshuler said...

$20 to the winner.