Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunflower Seeds

Remember Dallin’s huge sunflowers?  Well, the sunflower seeds finally matured and so we decided to harvest them.


I still can’t get over how big these things got. 


They really were enormous and very very heavy!


This huge pile of seeds was from only FOUR sunflowers.  Crazy!


After harvesting them, I decided to try soaking them in salt and then roasting them in the oven.  They came out ok, but not as good as the ones you buy at the store.  I think I should have used DOUBLE the amount of salt that the recipe I had called for.  But, it was a good learning experience and now I know for next year! 


Stacy said...

Holy Cow those are enormous! I feel kinda stupid admitting this, but I never knew that the middle of the sunflower was the seeds. Neat!

Mandi said...

Those really were huge! They look yummy! Plus I can not imagine that you could ever make something gross. We are totally going to have to try growing them next year. Tell Dallin we may need some sunflower tips.

Rachel said...

I can't believe how big those flowers were. Dallin must have inherited a green thumb from grandaddy.

Janie Mueller said...

Holy smokes those babies are HUGE! Next year Dallin will have to tell us what the secret is to making such beautiful sunflowers.