Monday, August 1, 2011

Is Dallin the REAL Superman?

Dallin got a pair of sunglasses at his cousin’s birthday party a week or so ago and decided that he liked the idea of wearing glasses.  So he popped the lenses out and then wore them for DAYS.  He thinks he is so cool with them on.


Don’t they remind you of Clark Kent glasses?  I wonder if we have had Superman living with us all along and just never knew it :)



Laurel Shaw said...

Well, Dallin is pretty SUPER!!!!

Kim Jarvis said...

Bre loves to wear fake glasses too! She keeps 3D glasses from movies, pops out the lenses, and then wears them around all of the time. She thinks it suits her personality better. I have to agree that they look cool on Dallin! Silly kids!

minnieshuler said...

Would really love to have a reporter in the family. Mama