Friday, September 23, 2011

Vacation Day 5–My bad driving…

Our 5th day of vacation was one that we had set aside just for travel.  We had no real plans – just driving 9 hours from Charlottesville, VA, to Cave City, KY.  The previous evening Nathan discovered that one of our headlights was out, so first thing in the morning we headed out to find an auto parts store.  Yay for smart phones!  We were able to locate one and Nathan was able to quickly change out the headlamp.  Then we stopped at a bakery that we happened to see as we were heading to the auto parts store.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I kind of bumped up against the curb (which I hadn’t even noticed).  Opps.  Nathan gets out to look if there was any damage and luckily nothing on the body of the car was scratched or dented, but the very tip of the muffler was slightly bent.  He said it was fine and that there didn’t appear to be any problems.  So we go on out toward the highway. A few minutes later we begin to hear a loud rattling sound.  And I thought – oh no our muffler is coming off!!!!!!!!!  So I pulled into the closest parking area I could find.  Nathan checked under the car and the muffler was perfectly fine – BUT – a little cover that goes over part of it was completely loose.  As luck would have it, or maybe more like divine providence, I had pulled into an empty parking lot that was right next door to a little auto repair shop.  We went down and talked with the guy and he let us immediately pull our car into his garage and he was able to fix it with a simple bolt in less than 10 minutes.  Apparently the little bump that I dealt the muffler, had broken off a little plastic bracket that held the cover in place.  Who the heck puts PLASTIC underneath a car??  Don’t they know that there are drivers out there like me?????

Needless to say, when we left the auto repair place, Nathan was driving because I think he didn’t really trust me anymore :)

The one good thing that came out of that crazy morning – we discovered a amazingly delicious bakery chain.  I am so super sad that there are none of them in Florida.  The bakery is called Great Harvest Bread, Co.   The artisan bread that we had from there was so amazing.  And the cookies.  Oh the cookies.  I am still dreaming about them.  They have lots of locations around the country – just none in Florida.  I think our next vacation may have to center around a route that takes us by one!  They grind wheat daily to make their fresh breads and goodies.  It has inspired me to get a wheat grinder myself.  So Nathan – here’s a not so subtle hint for you – this is what I want for Christmas:


L'Equip 760200 NutriMill Grain Mill

  • 20 Cup capacity grain mill that keeps all the vitamins and nutrition in every batch of flour
  • The world's first variable texture control mill for creating fine or course flour
  • Grinds on-oily grains with precision grain feed control; No gumming, no overheating, no jamming, no hassle
  • Multi-channel air flow for better motor cooling and longer mill life, self cleaning milling chamber that is easy to use


I’ll even give you a link!


Stacy said...

We have one here, maybe you should plan a visit up to see us! I've never tried it, but you've convinced me. :) BTW, Jon drives everywhere when we're together, so don't feel bad... you're not the only one out there.

Laurel Shaw said...

Or you could just open one of those bakery's here!! If anyone can be a fabulous mom,have a great job,a photography business and do fantastic on every calling... You could totally run a bakery too!
I would shop there!!!
ps. sorry about your car! at least you didn't ram the back of your car into a huge cement post and bust out the tail lights!!!!!

Rachel said...

problems backing up must run in the family. I nick named my car "bumper car". lol

minnieshuler said...

No big deal. Definitely not your fault. Have a great time.

Lena said...

Sorry about the car. Glad it wasn't a big deal. I LOVE Great Harvest! It's pricey BUT delicious! They had one in Rexburg, close by the BYU-I campus. They would even let students have a slice to try. It is SO YUMMY!