Friday, October 28, 2011


Yeah, not really.  But it goes along with Mandy’s costume.
Funny thing is, we actually bought her a new costume this year.  She picked out this cute little leopardess number.  But when it came time for Trunk-or-Treat, she didn’t want to wear it.  And I didn’t want to fight with her.  I usually don’t win anyway. 
She’s highly logical and very convincing.  And she can really wear you down.  So she went as a cheerleader instead.
I tried to get her to wear my old garnet and gold Bulldogs cheerleading outfit, but it was all about the Gators for her.
I’m blaming this one on Sherri.  She knows Mandy loves anything that Emily and Sarah give her!  Besides, she’s adorable even if she is wearing orange and blue!


Laurel Shaw said...

I agree! Mandy looks cute no matter what she is wearing!!

Hayden is my clothes stubborn child. I'll still try to dress him up once and a while. But I fail!!
He says looking nice is dumb and is much more at home in a torn shirt with dirty pants 2 sizes too small! OH WELL! Maybe his wife will have better luck!

Kim Jarvis said...

Great choice, Mandy! ;)
She looks like a natural in orange and blue!

minnieshuler said...

ugh..wrong colors. B eautiful girl