Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Halloween is inching closer and closer!  So to get ready for it we decorated some pumpkins!  I know it’s traditional to carve them, but I find that to be really hard to do myself, much less something that the kids can do.  So we just paint them instead :)

It is serious business at our house.  It requires major concentration!


While at the pumpkin patch we found some very fun little pumpkins/gourds.  We found one that looks like an octopus,


one that looks like a swan,


one that looks like a pumpkin in a ghost costume,


and one that Layton said is a giraffe in a ghost costume :)


And then I saw this one and had to buy it for myself.


I love the bright orange/red spider veins.  They look beautiful!


So here are their finished products.  Rather cute if I dare say so.  And the pumpkins look cute too.



Laurel Shaw said...

They turned out so cute!!!
I can't wait to get my kids to the patch!!

Love the bags too!!

Lena said...

They look great! I was goingt ocarve our pumpkin but I think we'll just paint it too and I may steel your idea of making a cute hat for the pumpkin as well. Very cool! Oh, and the orange veined pumpkin is gorgeous!

Nana said...

I agree! They are cute and the pumpkins, too.

Mandi said...

Love all the pumpkins. My favorite though are those amazing gourds. Love the idea of painting them. Looks like fun and soooo much less of a mess. I am looking forward to all our classes together Saturday! I know your probably super busy with conference stuff so if I can help with anything let me know.